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On Campus, 9-12

Welcome to the Benson Digital Learning Center

an alternative high school
serving the Benson Unified School District.

At the B.D.L.C., our goal is to take the best aspects of high school {academics, social interactions, sports, extracurricular activities}, add in the support of a small class size and blend that with the power of digital learning.  Digital learning allows students to work at a pace that is distinct to their individual learning style.

Want to work ahead? 
You can do that here.
Need to slow down and review?  You can do that here. 

The only thing you can't do is STOP learning.

We know that it can be difficult to juggle the demands of home, school, work, and life in general and we are here to help you every step of the way. 

You've got this,
and we've got YOU!

B.D.L.C. students are expected to maintain a responsible attendance rate.  

We are in the business of helping mold successful adults- and that requires them to show up and work hard, every day. 

B.D.L.C students are enrolled in 4 classes at all times. In addition to their coursework, juniors and seniors will be enrolled in our Steps2Success Program; a practical class focused on college and career readiness. 

B.D.L.C. students are invited to take one elective class on the Benson High School campus.  

Our students are expected to represent our school with respect and dignity wherever they may be. 

B.D.L.C. students are

vital to the success of 

Benson athletics 

Champions work hard in 

the classroom and on the 

playing field. 

College campus visits are

an integral part of our

Steps2Success Program. 

Career Exploration helps

us to make important

decisions about our futures. 


If the b.d.l.c sounds like a good fit for your student

please click the Enroll NOW button to start the enrollment process.

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