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6-12 Online Program


Welcome to the Benson Digital Learning Center 6-12 Online Program. 

Our goal is to provide your child with a structured online, at home curriculum while ensuring they remain an integral part of our BUSD Bobcat family. We will be with your child every step of the way throughout the entire learning process. 

Learn more about our program below. 

Program at a Glance


BDLC utilizes Edgenuity to provide online instruction. Students have the flexibility and freedom to work as quickly as they’d like to, or take extra time to make sure they understand the skills and concepts that are covered. Supplemental curriculum resources available as well. 


All online students will have BDLC teacher and staff support available throughout the entire learning processes. Support is available in-person at school or at home, or available virtually by phone, email, or Zoom calls. 


Opportunities for cohort interactions by grade levels each week. 

Extracurricular Opportunities 

5th-12th grade students will have the opportunity to participate in BMS and BHS extra-curricular activities. 

Field Trips 

Students will have opportunities for in-person or virtual field trips and/or grade-level outings.

Student Interests

Students have the opportunity to gain academic hours by participating in alternative activities which serve students interests. 


Access to a working computer and reliable internet. 

Able to commit to the average daily instructional time. 

Our Curriculum 

Edgenuity provides grade-level specific instruction via videos that feature expert, on-screen teachers, who explain concepts, model strategies, provide examples, and make real-world connections. Following each instructional unit, students will stop to complete tasks and assignments that check for their understanding and mastery. Students can also pause or rewind videos to take notes or review concepts as they progress through instruction at their own pace. Supplemental learning opportunities can be provided in addition to Edgenutiy resources. Call today for more information about our course offerings and curriculum options. 

Average Daily Instructional Time Commitment Per Grade Level 

Assignments and courses do not need to be completed during the typical school day time slot; however, each student is required to spend a certain amount of time working on assignments each day based on their grade level. 

  • 6th Grade =  6 Hours Daily 
  • 7th-8th Grade = 6.5 Hours Daily
  • High School = 6 Hours Daily

    A Flexible online Education that fits your Families Needs

    Our online program give students the flexibility to attend school around their schedule. We’re a great fit for students with:

    Part-time Jobs

    Health/Medical Concerns

    Family Obligations

    Out of School Opportunities

    Homeschool Families

    ANYONE who wants the flexibility of taking their learning online

    INTERESTED in Learning More?

    Call the Benson Digital Leaning Center today. We would love to meet you and tell you more about the amazing programs we offer. 

    Ready to Enroll? 

    Call or swing by our office today, or click the link below to start the enrollment process. 

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